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We are experienced construction and measuring consultants. Our main business is within land and building surveying. We operate mainly in the Stockholm area.

No job is too big or too small for Ortogonal. We participate in projects within the domestic and commercial construction sector, infrastructure and ground works. Our customers include architects, designers, contractors, private individuals, local councils and government agencies.

Bild på tjänstebil och totalstation, Ortogonal AB. Bild på totalstation och utsättning, Kungsbrohuset, Ortogonal AB. Bild på avvägningsinstrument och inmätning, Tyresö. Ortogonal AB. Bild på totalstation och utsättning, Ortogonal AB. Bild på totalstation och utsättning, Ortogonal AB. Bild på totalstation och utstakning, Ortogonal AB. Bild på totalstation och utsättning, Kungsbrohuset, Ortogonal AB. Bild på utsättning vid Telefonplan i Stockholm, Ortogonal AB. Bild på böcker om byggmiljö och byggregler, Ortogonal AB. Bild på GPS och utstakning, Högdalen i Stockholm, Ortogonal AB. Bild på utstakning vid Högdalen i Stockholm, Ortogonal AB. Bild på inmätning och areaberäkning, Stockholm City, Ortogonal AB. Bild på GPS-utrustning, geodesi, Ortogonal AB. Bild på totalstation och utsättning, Kungsbrohuset, Ortogonal AB. Bild på utsättning, Kungsbrohuset, Ortogonal AB. Bild från arbete i Tyresö kommun, geodesi, Ortogonal AB.



Site networks
Control networks

Ortogonal AB has thorough knowledge and long experience of measuring and expanding existing access networks. This includes both national and local networks as well as new custom networks for construction sites. We almost always establish a custom network around the area where we work to ensure that the data is the same when we return to the site, no matter from what point we measure.


Setting out
Construction staking services

All engineers and technicians on Ortogonal AB have extensive knowledge and experience from both restoration work and new build construction. Every day we handle complex construction with large amounts of drawing. We use the most modern technology and we are certified according to Swedish law. Ortogonal AB is often assigned as the head of all measurements in construction projects.


Cross-sections, cross-profiles and layer models
Elevations and floor plans
Volume calculations/quantitative surveys
Mass calculations

Ortogonal AB is an independent and impartial partner for calculation of surfaces, lengths and volumes. We have the necessary training and qualifications (AMA HUS and anläggning, MER07). At a very large number of ground works, cost is depending on the work undertaken. When we handle the setting out of ground works we usually also have the primary responsibility for mass regulation.


Surveying for architects/designers/constructors
Topographical surveys
As built surveys

We perform surveying or analysis of the normal geographic map information for purposes such as community planning, infrastructure changes and construction projects. We supplement property data that is missing from the construction documents and drawings. Through surveying we measure everything such as columns, beams, walls, arches, ceilings, fittings, windows, facades and so on. Ortogonal AB also perform particular measurement to verify that the work carried out is in accordance with documentation and local regulations.


Leveling/surveying for settings and movement analysis
Control measuring/construction surveys

Ortogonal AB use different high technology instruments for leveling or control measurements of both height and width. Units in height at a 10th of a millimeter can be achieved. In disputes between purchasers and suppliers/contractors, we are always unbiased and act as an independent consultant.

We perform annually a large number of control measurements in ongoing construction works, mainly settings and movement analysis of flooring, facades and grounds, but also of construction components and installation of equipment. In many cases we do these checks in large periods of time. We also offer monitoring which is continuous, automatic tracking of the alteration in the shape or dimensions of an object.


Terrain models (3D digital models)
Iso lines and 3D data
Data for machine control

We produce terrain models (3D models) of existing conditions from either existing maps and databases or through own additions and measurements. From terrain models we create iso lines with the desired equidistance. The models and the iso lines can be used for such as regional planning, mass calculations and adjustments, to make cross-sections/cross-profiles, plan shafts and fillings, blasting, produce differential models, for machine or vehicle control or computer simulations.


Land surveying
As built surveys
Boundary surveys

Ortogonal AB has staff qualified to independently perform surveying work, certified by the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority. This includes construction staking services and as built surveys to check that the site conditions after construction matches the building permit granted by the regulating authority. Several of us have previously worked on local councils or surveying authorities. We also perform all kinds of investigations of property boundaries, for example establishing or reestablishing boundary lines.


3D laser scanning

We scan all types of large scale objects such as buildings and industrial sites. We provide our clients with a point cloud, which is computerized 3D pictures of the object. The benefits with 3D laser scanning are obvious. After one visit to the site the measurement is complete, all details are included. The work area is completely documented.


Area and volume of buildings
Area calculations

Ortogonal AB perform surveying for the establishment of area in industrial buildings, offices, houses and flats. The work is being done according to Swedish National Standard. We use different methods depending on the premises. Accounting is done in 2D or 3D drawings into AutoCAD, drawings/pdf-files or Excel-files.


Coordinate conversion and calculation

Ortogonal AB carries out calculations of coordinates of known coordinate systems and conversions between various systems. There are lots of different coordinate systems in Sweden so it is easy to make things complicated, but thanks to modern calculation techniques it is possible to convert the coordinates from one system to another. Let us do the job and ensure the quality. We estimate/convert both single coordinates, entire Excel-files or for example AutoCAD drawings. Several different types of text-based file formats can be converted, for example k-, dxf- and dwg-files.



Previous projects

Each year we are involved in hundreds of projects of varying magnitude. The assignments ranges from simple jobs to huge construction projects that require many months to complete.

At this writing Ortogonal AB has been working with several major projects of great public interest in Stockholm. The old stone bridge Norrbro was inaugurated on the 21st January 2010, by Crown Princess Victoria who laid the final cornerstone. Norrbro cuts straight across Helgeandsholmen close to the Parliament House and is the city's only remaining stone arch bridge. The bridge was built in the 18th century and opened for traffic in 1807. It is classified as a national interest area because of its cultural and historical heritage.

Bild på Norrbro, Stockholm.

During 2009 the bridge was thoroughly restored. Ortogonal AB made a site network and performed all surveying regarding the stone arches, piling, ground and bridge reinforcements, waterproofing, pipes and lines. We also did continuous deformation assessments since the bridge is of great historical value.

Another fascinating project is Kungsbrohuset, a new building located next to the Central Station in the heart of Stockholm. Kungsbrohuset is one of the most environmentally advanced buildings in the world and will be housing offices, hotels, shops and garages.

The building is fitted with energy efficient glass that lets in sunshine all year round, but closes out the summer heat. All tenants are offered an electrical outlet for recharging the battery to an electric car. Bild på Kungsbrohuset, Ortogonal, geodesi.With the help of fiber optics daylight is led into dark spaces such as stairwells. Furthermore the building is partly heated by excess heat from the 200 000 people each day visiting the Central Station.

Ortogonal AB was the head of all measurements during the whole construction process. We carried out the surveying of the remains of the old building and the nearby streets and bridges. During the production phase we were responsible for surveying, setting out and control measurements.


About us 

We aim to find the most effective solution for each assignment and the optimal combination of price, quality and productivity. Ortogonal AB offers quality and comfort for both employees and clients. We believe in generating good long-term relations through simple and clear lines of communication and the goal that all parties will be satisfied with the results.

Bild på Magnus Gustafsson, Ortogonal.The company was formed in 2001 by construction and measurement engineer Magnus Gustafsson, born in 1967 and educated in Lund and Stockholm University. We are now one of the leading companies within land and building surveying in the Stockholm area.

We have around 10 employees. Our office is located in Farsta, a few minutes drive from the central areas of Stockholm.

Our surveying equipment is manufactured by Trimble.


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Address: Ortogonal AB, Glavagatan 7, SE-123 71 Farsta, Sweden.

Phone: +46 (0) 8 410 143 60


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